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Search Form Add-Ons

We are constantly working on discovering new template to make Educare better and smoother. Also, you can bulid your own template based on your requirements. Let's see some of our pre build search form template!

Educare Default Search Forms
Default Search Forms

Our default search forms combine easy-to-use design with powerful functionality. Created for simplicity, they offer a seamless results searching experience that's both straightforward and effective.

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Educare Modern Search Forms
Modern Search Forms

Discover the full scope of capabilities in our Modern Search Forms. These forms offer two separate tabs for searching data - one for results (card) and one for certificates.

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Share Your Feedback
Share Your Feedback

We're planning to release some exciting brand new generic & niche based template very soon to make people's life easier than ever. Please share your Feedback or requirements Here -

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Results Card Add-Ons

We are constantly working on discovering new template to make Educare better and smoother. Also, you can bulid your own template based on your requirements. Let's see some of our pre build results card template!

Educare Default Results Card
Default Results Card

Utilize our Default Results Card for clear and concise data presentation, enhancing score visualization and aiding decision-making processes.

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Educare Modern Results Card
Modern Results Card

Select our Modern Results Card for a timeless data presentation, simplifying information clarity and facilitating informed decision-making processes.

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Educare Classic Results Card
Classic Results Card

Opt for our Classic Results Card for a fresh approach to data presentation, aiding in effortless information absorption and better decision-making.

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Certificate Template Add-Ons

Introducing our Certificate Template! Streamline your certificate creation process with this ready-to-use template, designed to save you time and effort while ensuring a professional look.

Educare Default Certificate Card
Default Certificate Template

Craft polished certificates with our Default Certificate Template, designed for easy customization and a professional finish.

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Educare Modern Certificate Card
Modern Certificate Template

Transform certificates effortlessly using our Modern Certificate Template, designed for a sleek and professional appearance.

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Educare Classic Certificate Card
Classic Certificate Template

Introducing our Classic Certificate Template! Add a touch of timeless elegance to your certificates with this versatile and refined design.

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Compatible with result systems worldwide!

Our solution is built to work effortlessly with result systems of all kinds, No matter the format, our system supports diverse result systems, making it your go-to choice for streamlined and efficient management.


Unleash Limitless Customization Based On Your requirements

Take Control of Your Results - Harness the Power of Customization in Our Results Management System. Achieve Efficiency and Precision with Tailored Solutions for Your Results System.


Powerful Add-Ons To Increase Performance And Functionality

Supercharge Your System: Experience Enhanced Performance and Expanded Functionality with Our Powerful Add-On. Elevate Your Results Management to New Heights!


Educare Pricing

We help small businesses around the world with amazing products that solve their business and web problems. Discover Educare pricing for personalized, transparent solutions designed to suit your requirements and budget.


$00.00 Lifetime
  • Unlimited Students Management
  • Unlimited Results Management
  • Subject Wise Result Adding Facility.
  • Perfomance And Promote Students
  • Auto/Manual Results Calculations
  • Single Subject Marks added facilities
  • Auto Grading System With Customizable Rules
  • Class/Group-Wise Subject Management.
  • Manage Unlimited Exam, Year and Custom Fields.
  • Import Data (from .csv files)
  • WP Shortcode System
  • Help And Support


$55 - 21.83% $42.99 Lifetime
  • Updated FREE Features And →
  • Bulk Exam Marks For One Subject (Based on active template)
  • Indivisually Marks added facilities
  • Protected Results
  • Rattings System
  • Remarks System
  • Attendace System
  • Certificate System
  • Three roles: Admin, Teacher, and Student.
  • Detailed student profiles and dashboards.
  • Teachers profile and dashboard.
  • Custom Add-Ons for Results Card, Certificate, Search Form, or Import System.
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Educare Bundle

$150 Lifetime
  • PREMIUM Features And →
  • Access All Add-Ons
  • All Search Forms (Template)
  • All Results Card (Template)
  • All Certificate (Template)
  • Advance Import System
  • Translation Support

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It appears that, the template you're searching for is not available in Educare. However, there's no need to worry. You have the option to upgrade to our premium support for an additional fee of $20.

Doing so, we will be able to assist you in creating a results card format that aligns with your specific requirements. This premium support includes personalized assistance and guidance to ensure that the results card format meets your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Educare premium version support template add-ons. So, you can easily customize everything on the front-end (Search Forms, Results Card, Certificate Template) based on your requirements... Learn more →.

Yes, Educare has exactly the features you want. You can add or manage students and teachers in you academy. So, feel free to use Educare on your website.

Well, any feature can be added to Educare. Please follow the plugin documentation. If you need our support in this case, you can contact us. Our support team is always ready to help

Yes, you can find some video tutorial on your official YouTube channel (FixBD). However, more video tutorials will be added very soon.


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